Black Elegance with a bohemian touch: a magical celebration of Andrew Cohen’s 50th birthday at Alemagou was one of our biggest productions of this year. Accommodating over 260 high-profile guests who’ve joined Andrew at the beautiful beach venue nestled in the northern bay, the event’s theme was showcased through various areas within Alemagou’s premises. Each area was designed to reflect a different look and feel connected to the overall theme, enabling guests to fully immerse themselves into the experience.

Guests were welcomed with custom cocktails mixed and designed to fit the theme, easing them into a multi-sensory experience of smooth jazz music, gourmet cuisine and an eclectic mix of people. A central showpiece in the form of a wish tree, 4 meters in diameter, emblazoned with over 500 charms and messages provided a visual and spiritual anchor point.

The Dining Area with a capacity for 260 was custom built on top of the natural decline towards the sea to even out the space and covered with sand to emulate the feeling of standing on the beach. The evening’s entertainment was provided by renown singer Hindi Zarah and band, followed by a DJ who provided the tunes for a sensual celebration that lasted unto the next morning.